Very Rare Pair of 20th Anniversary Half Cab on eBay

In the early 90's, skateboarding had not entirely made the transition from vert to street. The Full Cab, which had kept vert skaters well-laced since 1989, wasn't cutting it for the new aggressive style of street skating. The high-top style inhibited the dexterity needed for quick flip tricks. To deal with this, skaters began cutting down the Full Cabs to create a shoe that allowed skaters to move more freely. In 1992, Steve Caballero approached Vans with the idea to offer this style on a wider scale and in more colors and the Half Cab, named after Steve's signature move, was born.

Fast forward to 2012, Steve Caballero and Vans celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Half Cab by partnering with Supreme to offer a very limited run of 20 Half Cabs that were all hand cut by Steve Caballero himself the same way he and so many others did it in those first few years of the 90's.

We rarely see these for sale anywhere as they were all scooped up by collectors and locked away. This size 9 is hand signed and numbered 4 of 20 and will cost you £250; not an unreasonable price to pay for a piece of Vans history. Check out the promotional video Vans and Steve made below.