Collaboration, Vault by Vans

Vault by Vans x BLENDS Style 36 LX

It's hard to downplay the impact that the Vans and  BLENDS partnership has had on the Vans community. Their releases bring everybody out of the woodwork and they are some of the most sought after and expensive models in recent memory. For 2017, Vault has partnered with the design team at BLENDS to bring us another iteration of the "Bones" series, this time on my personal favorite model, the Style 36 LX.

For the 7th release in the bone stripe series, the silo is draped in the familiar deep, oily black leather from the Old Skool LX release of a few years ago.  The style 36 is a bit longer than the Old Skool, which lends to a bit of an elongated bone than previous designs. Additionally, the removal of the foxing stripe makes for a sharp contrast from the white mid and black upper. Keen eyes might also notice the bone stripe has actually been reversed for this release. Another departure from previous design is the removal of the zipper, something all previous models in the Bone Stripe line have featured. Like previous releases, dual branding can be found on the insole as well as the custom drawer box. All in all, this is another premium offering from a partnership that knows what works.

The Vault by Vans x BLENDS Style 36 LX will release this Saturday, March 11th, exclusively at BLENDS as well as the online shop at 11 am PST. Good luck.