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Vault by Vans Goodhood "Equal | Opposite" Collection

London's Goodhood store opened its doors in 2007 with the intention of redefining what luxury living meant. Through the past decade, they have continually maintained their culturally relevant aesthetic and pushed the idea that effortless living and lux style can go hand in hand. They have become a major force in not only the London scene, but also around the globe. To celebrate this milestone year, Goodhood has partnered with Vault to create a three-piece footwear collection that takes inspiration from the mind of Sir Isaac Newton.

Inspired by Newton’s third law of physics which states that ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’, the collection comprises three shoes: an OG Authentic LX and two OG Sk8 Hi LX. Something we don't normally see is both women and men being equally represented in a collection, but Goodhood intended to break that trend here. The OG Sk8 Hi LX will arrive in both black and white colorways with a white upper/black mid in women's sizing and the inverse colorblocking for men.

The OG Authentic LX is dressed in white canvas and suede, like the Sk8 Hi's, but will be available in full unisex size breaks. The pack features the Goodhood monogram and logo in repeat across not only the uppers, but also laces. It's clear that the crew at Goodhood and Vault wanted to leave no details out of this collection. Even the box is meticulously designed.

Goodhood's Director Kyle Stewart commented on the unique sizing that, "the project afforded us the opportunity to design product with a unique unisex mentality and the finished product represents our brand in it’s truest sense and treats both the men and women customers as complete equals.” Without getting too political, I think this is more relevant than ever these days and would love to see other companies take after Goodhood and Vault when designing their projects going forward. Stewart has set the bar for others and the ball is in their court.

The Vault by Vans  Goodhood "Equal | Opposite" Collection will be available this Saturday, April 29th exclusively from Goodhood's flagship East London shop at 1030 AM BST as well as their online shop at noon BST. Pricing will be £80 ($103) and £90 ($116) respectively. Check out the spectacular video that Vans and Goodhood shot for the release below.