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Vans x Showroom "21:30" Old Skool Pro and Sk8 Hi Pro Collection

Vans has had some kind of year. To finish it off, they are blessing the people of Malaysia with their very first domestic collaboration. Showroom has been a staple of skate and street culture in Kuala Lumpur for more than a decade now, and it seems only right for them to get to try something we have never seen before.

via Showroom:

Local skate shop SHOWROOM breaks new ground in a ‘first of it’s kind’ collaboration with iconic footwear brand Vans with the release of their two-piece collection, 21:30.

Building on the icons Sk8 Hi Pro and Old Skool Pro silhouettes, the 21:30 collection is designed with the night skater in mind. Both sides live and breathe skate culture, with many in the SHOWROOM community taking to the pavement via skateboard when the shop closes at 9:30pm, hence the collection’s name.

What gives the collection a life of its own is the coating on the panels which provide an an eye-popping shine thanks to the reflective 3M material. The shoe explodes from the darkness when contacted by direct light, affording its wearer not only style points when executing tricks under blinks of a camera shutter but also safety when skating within the congested cityscape. It’s a design element that poses equal parts form and function.

Sporting a translucent icy outsole and Duracap midsole, both styles showcase an interchangeable velcro sidestripe logo that allow for wearers to switch between a white sidestripe and the signature Vans checkered motif for greater fashion versatility. The right heel sports a debossed Vans x SHOWROOM logo.

The switchable side stripe is really amazing. We love that Vans is stepping outside of the norm this year and testing the waters on new tech and designs. Whomever is working in the design department deserves a raise.

The Vans x Showroom "21:30" Old Skool and Sk8 Hi Collection will release exclusively at Showroom in Kuala Lumpur on December 9th. These are extremely limited and no wider release is planned.