Vans JP

Vans Japan Era JP Olive "Stars and Stripes"

The anti-war and Hippie era in the US of the late 60's and early 70's was marked by freelove, Woodstock, flowers, Volkswagen, and the ubiquitous olive military fatigues that returning GI's wore in marches and protests across the country. Each one was unique as the veterans would adorn them with campaign medals, patches, buttons, and drawings as they saw fit. Short of sun dresses and red, white, and blue headbands, there are few articles of clothing that iconize those few years in American history more than that olive shirt. 

Vans Japan has produced an Era JP that encapsulates that style perfectly. The shoe is draped in an olive textile upper that mimics the fatigues issued during the Vietnam era. The heel counters are embroidered with stylized American flags and are bookended by faded drawings of doves, music notes, and peace signs which imitates the style of the time. A stripeless, white midsole and tonal heel tab with black Off the Wall logo make for a great finish to this pair. I know it seems like we say it often, but these Era JPs are something we would really like to see in the states.

The Vans Japan Era JP Olive "Stars and Stripes" are available now from ABC Mart for ¥ 8,640.