Vans Introduces the UltraRange to the Vans Surf Line

The newest name in Vans tech, the UltraRange, has burst onto the scene this year to much fanfare. The initial launch of the Vault UltraRange UC LX has become hard to find across markets and the ultra limited, Air Mag styled Pro Skate ArcAd model was nearly immediately out of stock in all shops. Vans is looking to extend the versatility of the model with expansion into the Surf (or SF) line of goods.

via Vans:
Vans embarks on a journey to adventure with the worldwide release of the UltraRange campaign on Saturday, July 15. Marking a major milestone in Vans’ footwear design history, the UltraRange leads the path forward for innovation, emphasizing the brand’s expanded vision to create a versatile footwear model that provides advanced comfort, lightweight traction, and superior mobility combined with Vans’ timeless style.

Living out of a suitcase on multiple expeditions a year, Vans pro surfer Pat Gudauskas finds endless inspiration traveling around the world in search of the perfect surf. With his collaborative insight, Vans ventured to create a new silhouette that offered maximum versatility across diverse landscapes and lifestyles. “What if we created something that brings the look of Vans together with the functionality needed for different terrains—city streets, boardwalks, mountain paths,” Pat expressed. “…Bring the element of comfortable, hearty and functional all in one shoe—it would have comfort and utility, but look like Vans no matter where you are.”

“Design and functional product feedback from our athletes has been critical to the evolution of Vans product development ever since Tony Alva asked for a shoe with additional padding to help him progress his skateboarding technique,” said Dave Solomon, Vans VP of Global Product, Footwear. “As Vans continues to grow, it’s essential that we continue to engage with the people that live our brand ethos and extend our products through innovative technology while maintaining Vans’ classic design to enable their daily pursuits.”

With a modern shape and new co-molded midsole, the UltraRange unveils Vans’ next generation of footwear technology, while paying homage to its rich history with the iconic Vans Sidestripe. The slim-profile, low-top design blends premium materials, breathable textiles, and a responsive sock-fit construction, empowering your adventure from the ground up.

The Vans Surf UltraRange SF is available now in select Vans markets.