Custom Vans by SBTG: "Anarchy & Chaos" Sk8 Hi and Old Skool for Cover by Crossover

Singapore's SBTG is world renowned for his artwork and custom sneakers. This month, he has teamed up with Kuala Lumpur's Cover by Crossover to produce a very limited number of Old Skools and Sk8 Hi's that he has dubbed, "Anarchy & Chaos."

The Sk8 Hi is adorned with a handpainted thorax on each heel counter and "Anarchy" and "Chaos" on the left and right shoe's ollie pad, respectively. The title words appear on the heel counters of the Old Skools and skeletal toes are applied to the vamp in tonal black. Both pairs have the ubiquitous camouflage work on the jazz stripe and gold and black woven SBTG tongue labels.

The "Anarchy & Chaos" Sk8 Hi and Old Skool will be on sale this week. Only 6 of each pairs will be available at Cover by Crossover in Kuala Lumpur on Friday, February 26th. Prices will start at SG$235 or around $165 USD. Head over to the SBTG web store for other models or to make inquiries. 


SBTG for Kadir Warriors, Part 2

Singapore's Mr. SBTG is one of the most prolific and successful sneaker customizers out there. His hand style has been emblazoned on innumerable classics silhouettes. While he is probably more well-known for his his work with the Swoosh, he is rapidly becoming a pillar of the Jazz Stripe community.

Today, we get a preview of his latest offering, as well as your chance to own a pair. From custom boxes, woven tongue labels, and even custom insoles, Mr. SBTG really pulled out all of the stops with this release.

You can preorder your own pair along with the exclusive tee at today. They are expected to ship in 3-5 weeks.


A Celebration of friendship between Mr Sbtg and the Kadir Warriors, we present you the 2nd instalment titled 'Feline Fury' on 2 iconic silhouettes. The SK8 hi & Oldskool from the Vans Vault range.

With collaborative input between the 2, this release features 2 of Kadir Warriors favourite SBTG's signature Camouflage paintwork, the Tiger & Leopard.


Under the bloodline of the late Mr Kadir Bin Kamari, a group of his grandchildren bonded as a crew of Vans loving enthusiasts. Calling themselves as Warriors of Kadir, they started out as a humble crew minding their own biz but soon their positive energy and love spread globally through their social media networks.

Reconnecting with 3 of the Warriors and sharing the same love for Vans, SBTG started to create custom products based on their strong family bond with intention of spreading their values and positive energy.


Mr. SBTG "Enjoy Napalm" Sk8 Hi Zip LX

A could of weeks ago, we brought you the some Old Skools that Mr. SBTG took his brush to. Today, we get first looks at a reappropriated pair of Blends "Bones" Sk8 Hi LX Zip in Chili colorway.

The custom work includes a Lufthansa flight attendant posing before a tropical war scene a la Apocalypse Now, with the familiar "Napalm" from his "Enjoy Napalm" pieces of past. The bone really pairs well with the overall theme and completes the scene in a way that the usual Jazz Stripe wouldn't be able to.

If you are like us , you're drooling over this pair,. Sadly, you won't be able to get your hands on this exact piece as it was a commissioned by a customer. However, head on over to to speak with Mr. SBTG and get the details for your own pair worked out.


"Enjoy Napalm" Old Skool Tiger Stripe Customs by Mr. SBTG

Mr. SBTG is one of the most acclaimed sneaker artists in the world. Hailing from Singapore, he is well known to all walks of sneakerheads. Recently completing of one of the best custom sets we have seen, he took his brush to a couple pair of Old Skools. Here is what he has to say about the set:

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning...smells like victory. " - Kilgore in the movie Apocalypse Now (1979).

The fascination of this phrase triggered the creation of paintings in the form of alternative advertising fusing elements from soda companies and the Vietnam war.

This time, the Enjoy napalm theme is reappropriated on a pair of Vans Old Skools featuring vietnam tiger camo hand painted on the jazz stripe, SBTG tongue label and Napalm logo printed on the heel.

Available now for $150+S&H. Email with all inquiries.