Vans Ranks High on Instagram's "Most Liked" List

Dan Freebairn, the artist behind Kickposters, has compiled a year-end graph charting which sneakers brands received the most likes on Instagram for 2015. Surprising to some (but not us), Vans came in second to Adidas when it comes to total likes, but when comparing average likes to actual followers, Vans destroyed the competition. 

Nike? Jordan? They only raked in about one third of the likes that Vans accrued last year. Yeezy's definitely jumped over the Jumpman, but the Jazz Stripe is coming up fast. Check out Dan's site for wome more visuals. We are, however, at a loss as to why he completely cut Vans out of the "Most Likes Brands" graphic. Still no love for the waffle, huh? Maybe next year.