Custom Vans Authentics by Jong-Hyeok Park

More and more people are getting into customizing Vans. It's a bit of a head scratcher as to why it's taken so long for artist who have been doing other brands to get into the Vans silhouettes. For us, it seems like the perfect canvas. They are literally made of canvas, you know? We get a lot of stuff posted to the forums and I like to highlight the ones that really catch my eye. Like these, by Jong-Hyeok Park.

These handpainted Authentics really blew me away when I saw them. They look like they were done by a machine. The line work is so spot on that I had to do a double take. There are little imperfections here and there that you find once you start really looking, but man, Jong must have a steady hand. The designs take some obvious inspiration from previous Vans models with HOOLYWOOD and the oft-teased Fear of God Eras but there's nothing there takes away from his own work. It's a good theme and the style works well with the subject matter. There is just something about typography on Vans that I love and these do it for me.

Jong has been painting shoes for about a year now and this is his first Vans silhouette. Only two pairs of these exist (one for him and one for his girlfriend) but if you hit him up on Instagram at @8_say, he might be able to make some for you. Nice work, Jong!