Classics, Custom

Custom Old Skool "Ace" by Danny Nguyen

Most of the customs we see are usually repaints with the rare instance of a total reconstruction. That's not to say we don't love a lot of those, but we also like (and crave) the new. Something we don't usually see is hand-sewn embroidery work. This is one of our favorite pairs we've seen so far.

Danny Nguyen took inspiration from the very popular Ace sneaker by Gucci and brought the floral motif to a pair of all-white canvas Old Skool Classics. The work took him 25 hours spread out over 2 weeks and we think the sore fingers were well worth it. He is unsure if he will make anymore, but keep up with him on Instagram so you can be kept up to date if he decides to do any pairs for sale. We think there's a big market for these. Top notch work, Danny.