Vans JP

BILLY'S x Vans Japan "Kyoto" Slip On and Era

To commemorate the opening of their newest brick and mortar shop in Kyoto, Japanese sneaker shop BILLY'S has teamed with Vans JP to produce an absolutely beautiful and very exclusive set of Slip Ons and Eras.

The set will both boast a navy aloha "Off the Wall" motif printed uppers. Both will also sit upon a stripeless midsole and have white leather detailing on the heels.

If you are like us, you're salivating for these. Unfortunately, the Era is only obtainable in-store from BILLY'S Kyoto and the Slip On is already sold out online. If you find yourself in Kyoto, swing by and try your luck with the Era.

BILLY’S ENT Kyoto shop
Open Date: March 27, 2015 (gold)
Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture Chukyo-ku, Shioya-cho, Takoyakushi 319
[Limited Item Details]
 ° V98-59R ALOHA (SLIP ON) 8,000 yen + tax ※ BILLY’S Online
° V95-59R ALOHA (ERA) 8,000 yen + tax ※ BILLY’S ENT Kyoto shop limited release