Engineered Garments x Vans Vault Part 3 at Nepenthes NY

If there's one thing Vans does well, it's keep a secret. Three days ago, Nepenthes NY posted a familiar set of boxes to their Instagram. Now, we get word that they will restock the tan, navy, black, and white Engineered Garments Slip On OG LX from the previous two collections. In addition to the restock, we will see a new colorway that we have not seen before, light blue.

The third iteration of the Engineered Garments x Vans Vault will drop exclusively at Nepenthes NY this Friday, February 13th. A release is planned for Nepenthes JP is planned for next month. Nepenthes NY has been known to take phone and email orders in the past, but expect demand to be very high as the last collection sold out in hours.