Vans JP

Vans JP Lampin ABC Mart Exclusive SS2015

The early 90's was a time in which padded, clunky skate shoes reigned dominion over most skater's feet. With that in mind, Vans released the Style #86 Lampin in 1993. The Lampin was built in the USA to take a heavy amount of wear and tear from grip tape and asphalt alike. It didn't have the staying power of the Era and Authentic and was discontinued as the company began moving their factories abroad. Back in 2013, the model had a brief resurgence with Supreme which rekindled desires from skaters and collectors.

This year, Vans JP partners with ABC Mart to bring three limited edition colors back to the market. With contrasting suede nubuck uppers and a stripeless white midsole sitting on top of a waffle, the designs bring us back to a time where the only collaborations skate companies had were with pro skaters.

The three new limited colorways of the Lampin are available now for pre-order exclusively from ABC Mart in Japan. Let us know if you'd like to see a wider release of these here in the US.