Mr. SBTG "Enjoy Napalm" Sk8 Hi Zip LX

A could of weeks ago, we brought you the some Old Skools that Mr. SBTG took his brush to. Today, we get first looks at a reappropriated pair of Blends "Bones" Sk8 Hi LX Zip in Chili colorway.

The custom work includes a Lufthansa flight attendant posing before a tropical war scene a la Apocalypse Now, with the familiar "Napalm" from his "Enjoy Napalm" pieces of past. The bone really pairs well with the overall theme and completes the scene in a way that the usual Jazz Stripe wouldn't be able to.

If you are like us , you're drooling over this pair,. Sadly, you won't be able to get your hands on this exact piece as it was a commissioned by a customer. However, head on over to to speak with Mr. SBTG and get the details for your own pair worked out.