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VANS x Stay strong “for life” old skool

Back in 2007, pro BMX rider Stephen Murray was arguably one of the top riders around. Stephen had won 3 gold Olympic gold medals and was on track to continue his prolific dirt jumping career. That was until a tragic accident during a double-backflip attempt ended with Stephen crushing 3 of his 4 cervical vertebrae and paralyzing him from the shoulders down. Stephen may not ride again, but his passion for what drove him to pedal in the first place now drives him in other ways. He remains an inspiration to millions around the world. In recognition of Stephen strength, Vans has again partnered with STAY STRONG INTERNATIONAL on another Old Skool collaboration.

The previous Vans x STAY STRONG Old Skool did so well, the teams revisited the classic silo. This time, they opted for the classic black upper on white foxing. The side panels feature repeating STAY STRONG branding with black jazz stripes. Additional logos are printed on the foxing near the heel counters on the out step. The stand out design element, however, is STAY STRONG and Stephen Murray’s motto, “FOR LIFE,” emblazoned in bold contrasting white across each heel counters. These incorporate some of our favorite elements and role them all in to one.

The Vans x STAY STRONG “For Life” Old Skool will release exclusively online at at 10am PST/6pm GMT on Monday, 26 August. They are limited to 200 pairs and are expected to sell out fast. Best of luck.