Collaboration, Vault by Vans

Vault by Vans x Bodega "Sub Rosa" Collection

Bodega is striking while the iron is still hot. They were blessed by Vault to be the first collaboration partner to be given free range on the Full Cab and the results were really great (and wild!). Now, Bodega and Vault have teamed up on a foursome of classic skate silos with improved LX details. They've even been given the go ahead to tinker with the jazz stripe, something not many get the chance to do.

via Bodega:
There’s a Vans for every occasion, and every customer, so why should that exclude the expression of desire? We get it though; having a bunch of uptight types bring the hammer of “public decency” down on you can really kill the mood. That’s where the Sub Rosa pack comes in.

Latin for “under the rose” sub rosa is an age-old phrase denoting discretion and secrecy, the Sub Rosa pack is all about erotic entertainment amongst enthusiastically consenting adults in a high class, safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Featuring a romantic rose motif, incorporated into the classic skate deigns of the Old Skool and Mid Skool , the Sub Rosa design is a discreet, tasteful way to let your partner know that you are adventurous and up for anything, while also being sensitive and aware of their needs. 

Now that you’ve got the right footwear, take those first steps into the garden of desire. There’s no need to be shy about it. We won’t tell anyone. Everything stays right here underneath the roses.

The Bodega x Vans Vault ‘Sub Rosa’ pack releases Saturday, November 4th at Bodega and ComplexCON. Each pair comes packaged in a custom branded box, with a complimentary calendar and rose – retail is set at $90 for the Old Skool LX and $100 for the Mid Skool LX.