Vans JP

Rollicking x Vans Slip On JP "Sukajan"

When we previewed the fall/winter lookbook from Vans Japan, there were a few models that people latched onto immediately. The lookbook didn't give us much information aside from prices and the forum was flooded when questions about release dates. Thankfully, we can answer those questions about one pair now.

The Sukajan has been an item with a cult following for decades. As far as we can tell, the Sukajan was born when occupying American forces in post-war Japan commissioned local tailors to create extravagant, hand-embroidered and stitched jackets which blended western and eastern cultures. This is where the "Souvenir Jacket" moniker came from. The iconography usually consisted of dragons, tigers, samurai, and other beasts and motifs taken from historic Japanese symbolism. The jacket has had many lives since then, from a symbol of Japanese gang culture, key wardrobe pieces in films like Big Trouble in Little China and The Warriors, and as of the last two years, the movement into high fashion catwalks.

Vans Japan definitely has its ear to the ground and telegraphed this trend perfectly. These Slip On JP's capture the style with bright red and blue satin uppers and vibrant dragon or tiger embroidery on the toe vamp and silver satin collars. Collectors and casuals will all be scrambling for pairs of these.

The Rollicking x Vans Slip On JP "Sukajan" will be available exclusively at ABC Marts across Japan and online on Saturday, July 30th for ¥ 9,000. Anybody outside of Japan is going to need to enlist the help of a proxy or Japanese buying service.