MTV x Vans Era Pro '90

Vans continues with the 50th anniversary celebration with the re-release of the MTV Vans Era from way back in 1990. 

Launching in 1981, MTV (short for Music Television) was a major staple in households around the world by 1990. It not only introduced us to a new form of art in the form of music videos but it also thrust new terms like VJ (video jockeys) into the lexicon of America. Like Vans, MTV pioneered countless concepts and will forever be engrained in the psyche of those old enough to experience it. I can't tell you how many times I called 1-800-DIAL-MTV to request Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" video. The Vans Era Pro '90 commemorates the relationship between the two brands and the music we all grew up on.

The MTV x Vans Era Pro '90 is available now from Seattle's 35th North. Check your local for availability.