Fear of God x Vans, Another Look

Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo recently invited The Coveteur into his home for a sit down discussion about his inspiration and brand style. Among the many photos that were taken at his Glendale residence, was this image of his upcoming collaboration with Vans. Jerry had this to say about the partnership:

The Vans collaboration came through our relationship with PacSun. That was kind of just like another Justin Bieber moment for me, where it felt right in my spirit. I needed to create a brand that was more accessible. As more people follow you, there is a responsibility there. There’s now 13, 14, 16-year-old kids that follow me and that like what I’m doing. I do feel a responsibility to reach them where they are, at their level of accessibility. And in order for that to be really considered cool, I felt like I needed a true Californian association that helped to communicate that, and that was Vans. They were the perfect partner to come in and sit next to this FOG capsule at PacSun.”

No official launch date on the collaboration is available yet, but we will be sure and bring you the information as we get it. In the meantime, head on over to The Coveteur to check out the entire article.