Vans Slip On DX, Authentic DX, and Old Skool DX Veggie Tan Leather

There has been a growing trend among brands to push vegetable tanned leather products lately. Finally, Vans has joined the fray and offered up three classic silos with premium DX treatments in tonal nude vegetable tanned leather uppers. 

The concept for all three pairs is the same: take a classic silhouette and drape it in an upper of premium vegetable tanned leather. A complementary sockliner and insole make for a very cohesive design that is only slightly broken up by the stripeless white midsole. These are really special pairs.

To the untrained eye, these may not look like anything other than nude colored Vans (yawn.). But the most interesting thing about these pairs is how they will wear over time. There is a large segment of the community who feel that the only thing better than a new pair of Vans is a very well worn pair of Vans. If you are one of the people who are into the so-called wabi-sabi style, then these are truly pairs you should own. As you wear and use veggie tanned leathers, each pair will break in and darken uniquely. We can't wait to see how these look in a few months. 

The Vans Slip On DX, Authentic DX, and Old Skool DX Veggie Tan Leather are available now at select Vans DX retailers like BodegaSole Classics, Hotrod LA, and Blends. These are selling out fast so if you are on the fence, it may be best to just pull the trigger.