Opening Ceremony x Vans Authentic "Criss-Crossed Hand"

Opening Ceremony and Vans have a history of collaborating on authentics with great prints, like the Magritte collection from 2014. OC chose to use their criss-crossed hand print on this shoe, which they have previously used in their collections with Estee Lauder and Happy socks. The pattern will come in two colorways: black/true white and yellow/estate blue. Opening Ceremony has not provided shots of the packaging, but their collaborations have come with special boxes in the past, so we assume one will be included with this as well.

The Opening Ceremony x Vans Authentic "Criss-Crossed Hand" is available now both online and instore from Opening Ceremony. At $70, they will run you a bit more than other Classic Authentics, but we feel that it is a small increase for the limited print and box art.