Golf Wang x Vans Pro Classics Old Skool

Love them or hate them, both iterations of the Golf Wang Syndicate collaborations were scooped up by collectors and resellers as soon as they hit store shelves. We held off on posting leaks of these for a couple of reasons. A major one being that there were never any high quality images and the few clear shots we did see were wrought with speculation. Thanks to Silo, we now have the hi-def images we were waiting for.

In some ways, this collection of yellow, pink, blue, and orange Old Skools are exactly what you have come to expect from Golf Wang: the loud choice of colors and embroidered "GOLF WANG" on the heel counter. In other ways, they are a little different: the choice of debuting the Vans Pro Classics instead of the twice used Syndicate silhouette. However you feel about them, they know their demographic and they play to that well.

The Golf Wang x Vans Pro Classics Old Skool will release this Saturday, August 29th at Silo, both in-store and online. Check your local core skate shop for availability. 

Is this another nail in the coffin of Syndicate? Let us know what you think.