Vans JP

Vans JP V36OG Style 36 "Tokyo"

Vans Japan has a long history of producing exclusive colorways, some sometimes even exclusive models, of pairs that those of us outside of the archipelago won't have much chance of getting our hands on. Usually, only those lucky enough to have friend or family in Japan willing to go through the extra effort of proxying will be able to add them to their collection. In keeping with the trend of 2015, Vans Japan has created a pair that combines two of the things we love most: checkerboard print and the Style 36 OG.

Two pairs were created which cater to very different tastes. For those who are fans of louder sneakers, one Style 36 OG comes with a black suede and check printed canvas upper and midsole with white leather Jazz Stripe. The other pair is a bit more toned down, with an all black suede upper and white Jazz stripe, making use of the checkerboard pattern only on the mid.

The Vans JP V36OG Style 36 "Tokyo" is available now at Vans Japan retailers like BILLY's, so fire up Google Translate and give it a go.