Issues on Application for Attending High-level International Conferences and Reimbursement Procedures
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I. Conditions for Approving the Application

1. A papers or an abstract has been accepted by a high-level international academic

conference to be held outside the country (or mainland China);

2. The applicant should be the first author of the academic paper, or the second author when his/her supervisor is the first;

3. Each applicant is sponsored only once during the period of studies at XJTU.

II. Documents Required to Prepare
1. XJTU Academic Visit Application Form for Graduate Students;

2. An Agreement with Graduate Students for Short-term Visit;

3. XJTU Short-term Visit Application Form for Graduate Students

4. A Certificate of Financial Support, A4 –sized paper printed for visa application

(Visit /info/1230/5956.htm )

5. The invitation letter and a copy of its translated version ;

6. The first page of the paper;

7. Agenda(5 days or within 5 days for one country) or Application for Duration of Stay Exceeding the Specified Days(more than 5 days for one country) (Please visit Instructions on XJTU Short-term Visit Application Form for Graduate Students for details.)

8. A List of Conference Participants from XJTU

(Visit /info/1230/5946.htm)


1)For applicants with advisor’s or off-campus financial support, he/she only needs to prepare the materials specified in 2 / 3 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 5 under the title of “Documents Required to Prepare”. The Statement of Financial Support should be provided by the sponsor.

2)For a copy of the Statement of Full-Time Student Status, one can obtain it on a self-service printing machine in Student Services Hall (first floor of Qi Cai Ge Building) with his or her campus ID.

III Application Materials (All these materials shall be completed before departure)

Logging in to the Foreign Affairs Service System and submitting applications

XJTU Homepage àForeign Affairs Service Systemà


After the application is approved, shall come to pick up the Statement of Financial Support to stamp at 1310 of Main E Building.

IV. Procedures for Lending the Budget/ Reimbursement



1. Scan the QR code, and read the guide.

2. According to the guide, log into the financial system(jdcwxjtu.edu.cnand fill in the form. Tap “?”and select“4574-113052115001”to fill in the Dept. No. /Project No. Submit and Print.

3. Bring the documents to Count 12 at Student Services Hall (first floor of Qi Cai Ge Building).

4. Go through the procedures in the Financial Hall at the Main E Building 2 floor.

5. The applicant should complete all formalities for reimbursement within one month after he or she comes back from the conference.

Costs covered by the lent budget:

International round-trip and accommodations costs during the conference (subject to the time specified on the invitation letter). The costs of air tickets will be directly transferred by the Finance Office to the ticket seller, and the expenses of accommodations per person per day will be covered in accordance with relevant provisions. "First-Class University Construction Project" funds will be used to cover the expenses.


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